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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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up? look. >> beautiful. the best kind. but will you need an umbrella? let's check in with mike masco. i'm concerned with tonight's game. the reason being, the storms are starting to line up. let's did out toward the west. we're keeping an eye on extreme western county. a severe thunderstorm warning and this is moving toward the northeast. this is our future scan. notice the weather. if we go to the south and west, everything is starting to blossom, pinwheels of moisture, still 300 miles out. we may see the chance for
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scattered showers later this evening. temperatures will be into the 70s. first kick, temperatures will be into the 70s through the course of the evening. showers and storms with an easterly wind at five to 10. >> for the first time if your life you're going to chore for a referee tonight. welcome back ed hockeyly. they reached an agreement to end a three-month lockout. >> reporter: this is it, the play that will live in en-- infamy. after the deoftenned call, it took just 48 hours of feverish negotiations for the nfl it reach a deal with the refer
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reese union. for players, fans and coaches, the deal ends weeks of frustrations. >> i have a bad taste in my mouth. >> they got to do something. >> reporter: in wisconsin, homemade worst call ever t.d shirts. a statement, roger goodell said we look forward to having the finest officials on the field. now it's time to put focus back on the team and players where it belongs. >> the remember referees union is back. >> great to have the regular refs back. >> reporter: the refs got a salary bump and brt pension plan. the nfl got an option to hire a bench of officials it can use to replace bad refs. they won't vote until the weekend but the real refs will be back on the field for the
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ravens recounts game. insiders said the weeks of bad calls were taking its toll on the integrity of the game. >> again, the nfl has selected veteran referee gene sara tore. he is in his 10th season as an nfl season. i think he lives in pennsylvania. if you have a picture of your favorite rep, just send in your picture to pics at and the ravens are making a big effort to keep their players safe, getting the word out about concussions but nfl players are not the only ones at risk. our children can be at risk, too. at 5:30 we'll tell you about a partnership between parents, teachers and coaches. we'll about unlocked
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cars, open garage doors and homeowners on vacation. >> police say someone has tried a more brash and bold method this woke in howard -- week in howard county. >> reporter: police say they believe the same man is behind 10 different burglaries this week. in most of the cases he's kicked in the front door. they struck during the late morning, early afternoon hours. police say he knocks on the door and if someone answers, he act as if he's lost and leaves. if he -- if no one is home, he kicks in the door. >> we had a case where he knocked on the door. there was a 14-year-old -- 13-year-old boy hop didn't -- who didn't answer. he kicked in the door and when
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he saw the boy, he ran. >> reporter: police usually recommend you lock your doors but in this instance since he's kicking them in, he's asking that you dead bolt exterior doors and hide your valuables in places burglars may not suspect. jeff hager, abc2 news. now to the story we told you about at 11:00 last night. police arrested eric ford, sr. for shooting a 4-year-old boy and his mother. it happened on gor such avenue. the boy was shot in the torso and the woman in the hip. we are learning about a two alarm fire. one firefighter was hurt.
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the fire started around 6:00 last night at the bradley bacon dope minimums. three families were displaced. we have an update on a puppy named mango stolen from the animal rescue. the reward has been increased to $1,000. so someone stole it from the animal rescue yesterday. the staff said a couple came in and spent more than a half hour with the puppy and they left, stealing the puppy. call 410-643-8700, if you have information. you hear about it once a week, bullying. this case a victim was forced to be home schooled it had gotten so bad. joce sterman joins us with more on what one school is saying. >> reporter: 16-year-old katie
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said she was bullied so badly she feared for her life. and she learned about the kkk, and that's kill katie club. she said the bullying continued. the police were called and didn't press charges. katie's accuser said it was a joke. >> what i said was kill katie club. we had no intention of actually wanting to hurt inbound. >> reporter: katie's mom said she recorded dozens of threatening phone calls to her daughter. finally police intervened, dragging two boys out of class in handcuffs. >> crazy. >> out of control. >> that brings us to tonight's hot topic. do you think that teens who bully should be arrested? it's our hot topic.
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head to our website, join in on the conversation. parents, doctors, coaches, we're all looking for ways to cope our kids safe from concussions. >> lynn disa so tells -- linda so tells us about a concussion tool kid. a fake grenade launcher, but the consequences were real. plus, does your household cleaner really live up to the hype? we're testing 18 of your favorite cleaners. stay with us. we'll be right back. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere.
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a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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a type of drug used to treat insomnia has sued effect -- side
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effect. there's a study that shows patients who take these drugs after the age of 65 are almost 5% more likely to develop dementia than those who don't. reachers -- researchers followed those who showed no signs at the beginning of the study. the meds may also contribute to falls and fractures. the center at johns hopkins provides care for people battling a form of cancer that attacks the bones. the center use as multiteam approach. there's a very person walk coming up. dr. christian weber joins us. tell us what is sarcoma? >> it's a rare disease. it's one of those cancers that
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don't occur often. it can occur from one to 99. it can occur in your bones or soft tissues. it's in the like an organ cancer. we use different types of treatments. el lie has had -- eli has had several. >> if he was diagnosed a year ago, it had to be traumatic for you and your family. >> it was. he was diagnosed. noticed a mass when he was 10 months old. we started going through that process of understanding what it was. he was diagnosed at 11 months old. >> you said you had to do your homework. >> never heard of it. we definitely asked a lot of questions and went through a discovery process of what the
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treatment options were and what we could do to help him. >> we were talking out in the lobby. tell me what it's been like the last year. >> we did about a year of chemotherapy. he finished up treatment in july. now he has no signs of cancer right now and so we are just getting him healthy and strong. >> you said every three months you have to go back? >> we go back every three months. he has scans. we go back every few weeks to get mood work done, so everything is monitored closely. >> doctor, tell us about the walk/run. >> this is a rare disease. the government is not funding a lot of work in these rare diseases. so we rely on people to donate
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to find cutting-edge therapies to find new ways to treat the cancer. we expect eli to be a fully normal adult. with the good chemotherapy we were able to re love the champion and he walks like a champ. >> and wiggles, too. >> he's getting to be a regular 2-year-old. >> coming up on his birthday. >> october 2nd. >> we want to tell you about the walk. it raises money for the sarcoma program. we want you to save the date for this year's date. it's october 7th, the western regional park from 9 a.m. until noon. come out and meet eli. >> we'll be there. >> and his voice is great. >> yes. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. let's take a lock at our weather in motionment manchester
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had a decent amount of clouds. quite a difference from yesterday. there's a peek or two of sunshine. we have storms back to the south of you. here's the shot downtown. it is a really good looking shot but overcast skies. it's a mild 76 degrees. humidity is 64%. the easterly wind dragging in the moisture at around nine miles an hour. in terms of where we were, another above average normal day. 81 degrees. 72 being the normal record. 1998, 95 degrees. so that record will stay in the books for another year. 80s over the eastern shore. hagerstown down into the 70s. starting to tap into cooler air on the north side of the front with a you can also call our comment disrve -- with a station fair ri boundary.
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showers around the 8:00 hour. we're back on at 1. the morning could feature a spot shower. friday looks to be a pretty nice day with temperatures running close to 80 degrees. you notice a line of showers and storms and big storms that have flaired up over northern virginia, right on the bored are -- border. if we have to track it, all of frederick county, there are big storms to the south. let's take a look will the future scan showing the progression through the 7:00 hour. hagerstown, frederick. then more storms back out toward the west. that's 300 miles to the west. you see how things are pivoting
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to the east. so pack along the wet weather geemplet stationary boundary. that separates mild air and cooler air toward the north. it's been a really impressive dividing line. norfolk at 83. 87. look at that atlanta. not feeling like fall over the southeastern coast. there's the cool air over minnesota that will come into play going into the weekend. >> scattered showers during the course of the ravens game. tomorrow morning starts on a cloudy, dploomy -- gloomy note. 64 degrees. scattered showers and storms. it's a mild feel. that will linger into tomorrow afternoon. it goes to 79 degrees. there is a chance for a spot shower south and east of town. your forecast, friday, shower
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and storm early on. we'll see improvement during the course of your afternoon. boston in town for the night game. could be a spot shower by sunday. more importantly, i took out the chance for rain for saturday. so we're good there and temperatures cool back into the 70s. >> recognize this guy? >> i asked for his autograph. >> can't wait to get to the tail tailgate. embedded thunderstorm. we've been complaining about school lunches since bread was invented. now we're finding inventive ways to put pressure on the chef. tonight abc2 news shows how some kids are still complaining. >> reporter: it's the parody
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video that has gone viral. angry students launching an angry revolt over the new guidelines. they said the new calorie restriction are leaving them hungry. under the old rule high schoolers got a minimum 825-calorie lunch. new it's between 750 to 5 -- 850. instead of the high saturated fats, this is with this looks like, chicken breast, brun rice and veggies. it calls for double the portion for fruits and vegetables. anything with bread as to be whole grain, high in fiber to keep you fuller. they point to 2400 calories a day but some say that's not enough for all children. >> the average child probably would do well with 2400 calories but an athlete would probably
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need 2800, 2900 calories a day. >> this sen suring that you have everything you need to learn and grow. >> reporter: part of the first lady's focus on healthy living. it's part of a national crackdown on childhood obesity but the high schools say it's out of bound. >> roughly the same amount of calories, but it's a different mix. >> reporter: instead of filling their stomachs, the healthy lunches are filling up trash cans. reporting for abc news, washington. >> give them points for creativity. >> they're hungry. >> thieves are always coming up with new ways to steal your stuff. >> the scam targeting social security benefits. >> what if something was small
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enough to fit into the palm of your hands. how technology is more than a trendy way to lose weight.
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a guy wearing a sheet with a fake rocket launcher. phoenix police said it was a local filmmaker. he tried to test police response time. it wasn't until it was posted on youtube that police had enough evidence to make an arrest. >> why is this taking so long for law enforcement to respond. it took 14 minutes and 57 seconds until the time we thought we were spotted until
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the police arrived. >> michael turlly said he's a hip toe ties and -- hypnotist and magician. >> cat ti terry is the gem manager of carls junior. she had a gun shoved into her face, given two days off and then fired. cat he's boss wouldn't tell us why she was fired. this florida man and his horse galloped right through a stop sign and kept riding through the entire city in st. august stein. after a few hours people started following the rider who was weaving between cars and he was eventually pulled off the horse and arrested.
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dogs pushing dogs in strollers. southern california. is this great? look at this. it's like a stroller race in pimlico, the second saturday if may. can't get enough of this. get your dogs to do that at home. >> no kidding. >> love it. looks like they're having fun. >> all right. school is back in session. so are fall sports teams. >> what every parent needs to know to keep kids from getting concussions. >> a game ends with a 15-year-old by dead. >> and you scrub, scour and sponge but are you did thing the best cleaner possible. which cleaning brands really deliver on the promises they make.
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